100% Accurate Prediction For Tomorrow’s Game

I can’t say how much I’m excited for this weekend. Not only is there Giants hockey to watch again, but it‘s a DOUBLE HEADER!!!!

It’ll also be a sweet experience at the SSE Arena outside of the hockey on the ice, as the Giants are holding the Elite Fan Gaming Tournament.

I figured since I can’t be in Belfast t either watch the game or take part in the tournament, I’d fire up the old PS4 and play as the Giants against the Devils to (not at all) accurately predict how the game will go on Saturday.

This is what happened.


Since I’ve been trying to support and learn about more than just the Giants, I’ve gone on a bit of a GB hockey kick on Elite Prospects and decided to add Liam Kirk to the Belfast roster for the game.

After that, I made the bold choice to let my six-month-old son, Finn (yes that‘s actually his name and he had it before I decided to support the Giants), take the other controller and play as the Cardiff Devils.

First Period

It was a blood bath from the start with goals from Raine and Farnham in the first five minutes. After that, Rainer got in a tilt with Reddick and both got game misconducts which sucked, but I guess it had to happen.

The Giants would go on to score 13 more times and head to the locker room up 15-0.

Second Period

The middle frame wasn’t any kinder to Finn as Belfast scored 19 more goals. It just wasn’t pretty at all. That meant heading into the final period it was 34-0.

Third Period

Now the third period is where the real blood bath began. The Giants had 27 goals for to finish the game with 61 goals on 135 shots. I mean, kudos I guess to the Devils goalies for stopping that many pucks....

Cardiff did get one back. I‘m not sure how he did it, but Finn managed to get one by Owen. The final score was 61-1.

Final Report

Liam Kirk led the team in scoring with 10 goals and three assists, while Leonard and Hook each had 12 points. Rainer only finished with the one goal, while Smo had two goals and four assists. Owen finished with 13 saves on 14 shots (0.929 save percentage).

For the visitors, it was Blair Riley who scored. Good for him, I guess. In net, Murdy finished with saves on 117 shots faced (0.513 save percentage), while Bowns got the yank after allowing four goals in 10 minutes.

I know this is an entirely scientific prediction and look forward to it playing out tomorrow. (I fully know it’ll be a hard-fought, close game. I just wanted to have some fun while I’m a bit under the weather).

Check out all my photos/ screen shots below from me ‘doing my research‘, and the video from the first half of the first period!


©2020 Stuart Walter. Pictures provided by the Stena Line Belfast Giants.