Growing The Game 

I mentioned this on Twitter yesterday, but I feel like I want to make a blog post about it.

I'm EXTREMELY passionate about hockey. I think that's pretty evident given the fact that I'm writing a blog about a hockey team across the Atlantic Ocean. I've always loved hockey, and I always will.

We're blessed here in Canada in that I have so much access to the game. Not only are there two indoor rinks where I live (a city of 15,000 people), but there's a handful of outdoor rinks during the winter. I go down the road to Dryden (Kevin Raine's home town) and there's two indoor rinks in the Dryden Memorial Arena. That's four rinks in just the two towns, not to mention any rinks in between.

That's part of why Canada produces so many good hockey players - it's basically in our blood. I'd wager at least 90%, if not more, of everyone who lives in Canada (including those who just moved here from other countries) have either played hockey at least once or have had the chance to do so.

Just even in this last week (it's actually one week today that I started out on my Giants adventure), I've fallen in love with the Giants and GB hockey. The passion is there, but I know that's something you don't need to be told. I mentioned this in my reaction video to Saturday's game, but it blows me away at how much passion everyone puts into the game at the rink. I want to help that grow.

I'm not sure what I can do, if anything at all, but I really want to help the game of hockey grow in Northern Ireland, Ireland, GB and the rest of the world. I know I don't really offer much more in this post than me saying I want to help, but it's a place to start, right?

Oh, and if you were wondering, that's a picture of me playing hockey a few years back in a rec league at one of the countless indoor arenas in Ottawa, Ontario.


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