Post Game: Devils 1, Giants 0

Right off the hop I want to clear something up once and for all.

When I’m on Twitter using my Giant Across The Pond account during a game, I‘m letting my inner fan come out and just frankly enjoying the game from a fan’s perspective. Working in the media I’ve too many times not tweeted something or carefully worded a tweet because I didn’t want to be biased but that’s not fun. I shouldn’t have to not enjoy the sport I love just because of my job. I’m entitled to my opinion, and I should be allowed to share it just the same as anyone else.


Rant over. Back to talking about the game.


I was much more into the game emotionally today than I was last weekend or even yesterday. Just knowing the team a tiny bit better now and the history and just getting behind the boys in Teal makes it so much more enjoyable for me watching from home.

Boy do I love Liam Morgan right now. He’s from Whitby, Ontario (not too far from where I was born/ spent a good chunk of my life), went Junior ‘A’ -> NCAA (my preferred route for young hockey players) but HE FOUGHT BLAIR RILEY. As I said on Twitter, I wasn’t around for him on the Giants, but getting to watch Riley punched just made me smile. He ended up with player of the game, so my hat is off to you, Mr. Morgan. Keep up the great work.

Now on to the goal. I get why they said it was a good goal, but I don’t agree with it AT ALL. Despite what the League said, Owen was moving with the puck so he could make a save, it looks like he was on the edge of the blue paint, and the Cardiff player changed his path as soon as he made contact.

I though there were more blown calls after that, especially with offsides, but you know, what can you do?


I thought the period started slowly with the glass issues that seem to never go away, but as someone watching the game there’s not much you can do about that so you just have to live with it.

There were stretches where I was almost convinced the Devils would score again when they had the Giants pinned in the defensive zone, but we were somehow able to weather the storm and come back with a bit of o-zone time of our own.

Some good shots from Rainer and a nice rush from Pelly but nothing doing.


I really wasn’t impressed with the stripes in the third again. I get that they’re human and that they make mistakes, but this is a professional hockey league and they’re on the ice as professional officials so this shouldn’t be happening this consistently.

I thought the powerplay looked good, and it was good movement, but that ceases to be good movement when it becomes predictable movement. From the webcast they were always looking for I think it was Lake at the top circle for the shot on net. If I knew that’s who they were trying to get the puck to for the shot then I think it’s fair to say Cardiff knew too. I’m not saying I‘m an expert on powerplays but predictability isn’t a good thing when you’re trying to score a goal.

There were so many chances for us to get one with Owen on the bench but magic and sorcery are the only answers I can give as to why we didn’t pot one. Oh well. On to the next.


©2020 Stuart Walter. Pictures provided by the Stena Line Belfast Giants.